Sarah Blake and Mina play with you

We know that your wife is useless! She is a fat cow!
She cannot satisfy you! But we can!
Just compare our hot bodies with the fat belly of her!
She is so fat but has no tits – just look at those boobies!
You want to touch them, won’t you…? But keep stroking
your dick instead! Maybe we will let you cum!
But maybe we will prevent you from cumming like your wife does…

Will they ruin your orgasm? – Find it out NOW!

I am your darkest temptation…

Yeah, I’m so fucking hot! I know that even a gay cannot resist me!
This sexy black suit fits perfectly, don’t you think so…?
And I’m sure you started to stroke your dick immediately after seeing me!
But don’t be too happy too early! Yeah, I let you allow to wank for me!
Come on, make him even harder…! Come on… You want to unload your cum?
Don’t do it! I want you to destroy your orgasm! Sacrifice it for me!

Let her ruin your orgasm – NOW!

Your ruined orgasm is MY fun!

I know that you like stroking your dick while watching
hot and bratty bitches like myself! 😀 But you will
follow my instructions to be allowed to continue your
stroking – is that clear?
You have to watch me and the way I tease you.
But keep your dick on edge, because your are only allowed
to cum if I tell you to do so – so let’s find it out…!

Let her ruin your orgasm – NOW!

I will ruin your orgasm once again! :D

There you are again – ready to jerk-off!
No wonder – my body is sooo hot again! 🙂
So keep on stroking your dick…
Make it really hard, just for me!
Come on, luck at my sexy, great breasts!
You want to touch them, i know it…!
You are ready to explode soon?
Haha, no chance! Stop it now, you loser!
I like it when are balls are blue and
filled with a lot of cum… Enjoy the pain! 😀

Let her ruin your orgasm – NOW!